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Kevin Spacey Now Facing International Sex Crime Charges

Okabe & Haushalter Dec 23, 2017 Sex Crimes

Unless you’ve been completely avoiding all news media, including social networks, for the past few months, you’ll already know that an ever-increasing number of big Hollywood names are being accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault and similar crimes, spanning several decades. Kevin Spacey is one of those celebrities facing multiple sex crime charges and these are no longer limited to incidents which took place in the United States.

Kevin Spacey and London’s Old Vic Theatre

Before the allegations against Kevin Spacey first came to light, he was artistic director at the Old Vic Theatre in London. Following on from accusations of sexual assault in London in 2005 and 2008, Metropolitan Police have confirmed they are investigating a third allegation, which took place in the Westminster area of London in 2005. Although the police have not explicitly named Kevin Spacey as the suspect in the third case, they did state that it concerned the same man who is subject to investigation over the other two sexual assaults.

This most recent Westminster sexual assault was reported to London’s Metropolitan Police in December.

International Criminal Defense

As you can probably imagine, defending a criminal offense which occurred internationally is more complex than a local Los Angeles case. Not only can the distance be an issue, each country has its own laws and legal procedures, meaning the intricacies of any trial could be considerably different to its US equivalent.

Normally, an international criminal defense attorney will travel to the country where the charges have been brought, working with local law enforcement agencies and lawyers to protect the US citizen accused of the crime in question. As international criminal charges tend to be covered by the media, a high-profile, respected defense attorney is essential. It’s worth noting that a Los Angeles international criminal defense lawyer may also be able to help an international citizen who’s accused of committing a crime in the United States.

With our in-depth knowledge of international law, we can successfully navigate the complexities of such a lawsuit, and have done so in numerous cases to date. Although Los Angeles-based, we can defend you wherever the alleged crime took place, with some of our international criminal defense successes relating to:

  • Foreigner/international arrests
  • Foreign Corruption Practices Act (FCPA)-related charges
  • International bank fraud and money laundering
  • International drug trafficking and similar offenses
  • Ponzi schemes

Celebrity and High Profile International Criminal Cases

Where a celebrity or other high profile individual stands accused of a crime, the process of defending them can become even more complex than standard international criminal defense. If you fall into this category, you are strongly encouraged to contact one of Okabe & Haushalter’s celebrity or high-profile attorneys to arrange an initial review of your case.

Our Los Angeles team of international defense lawyers are regularly commended as South California Rising Stars by Super Lawyers, meaning you’re in safe hands with your international criminal defense.

High-profile or not, your next call should be to us on 310-430-7799 to discuss your case and find out how we could help.