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Case of Mistaken Identity: How to Protect Yourself When Wrongfully Accused of a Crime?

Okabe & Haushalter Feb 8, 2018 Assault

It’s not unheard of for Los Angeles Police Department to arrest or incorrectly accuse innocent people of a crime in the so-called case of mistaken identity. Whether you’re a witness of a crime that someone else committed or even the victim, being wrongfully accused of a crime is a common issue in Los Angeles and all across California.

In fact, our Los Angeles assault defense attorney at Okabe & Haushalter warns that you can even be suspected of a crime even if you have no relation to the crime and don’t even have a clue what you’re being accused of.

You see, cases of mistaken identity often arise when a victim of a crime, eyewitness or a police officer incorrectly identifies someone as guilty of a crime. Being named as the perpetrator of the crime that you never committed has a laundry list of consequences, which is why it’s critical to nip the issue in the bud before it’s too late.

In other words, being represented by the best assault defense attorneys in Los Angeles is your first line of defense in order to fight back against a false arrest and wrongful conviction.

Not to mention that many Los Angeles residents can become victims of a case of mistaken identity when they are being intentionally blamed for a crime even though the accuser (or police officers trying to find the scapegoat to take the blame) is aware that the accused wasn’t responsible for the crime.

Mistaken identity in gang-related shooting

In late January, a gang-related shooting left law enforcement puzzled in a suspected case of mistaken identity. Our Los Angeles assault defense attorneys reviewed the case of the South Los Angeles shooting, in which many local residents mistook multiple shots for fireworks.

Five adult men were left in critical condition after the shooting, and the LAPD is currently investigating the shooting, which occurred in the 200 block of East 119th Street, as gang-related.

LAPD believes that a group of men was working on a vehicle when the shooting began. The police are still investigating whether or not the victims, who are in critical condition, were gang members.

Mistaking an innocent victim of a mass shooting on the streets of Los Angeles for a gang member is not an uncommon practice. Our assault defense attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter, a reputable Los Angeles-based law firm committed to aggressively protecting the rights of those wrongfully accused of a crime, warn that cases of mistaken identity are widespread during shootings on the streets of LA.

Don’t let them ruin your life: Three steps

Being misidentified as the perpetrator of a crime and being wrongfully accused of a crime can be a traumatizing experience. It’s no exaggeration to say that being the victim of mistaken identity can ruin your life once and for all.

Whether you’re thrown in jail for the crime you didn’t commit or your reputation is left in tatters as a result of being misidentified as the perpetrator, you can take legal action and collect financial compensation for damages.

Even if it doesn’t lead to an arrest or crime charges, our Los Angeles assault defense attorney warns that being investigated for a crime you didn’t commit can severely harm your mental, emotional and physical health.

It’s critical to protect yourself from prosecution and know your rights in cases of mistaken identity. There are three steps you should take in order to minimize the damage from being wrongfully accused of a crime: (1) exercise your right to remain silent, don’t consent to searches and hire an assault defense attorney in Los Angeles.

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