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Is It Possible To Preserve Your Privacy After A Solicitation Or Prostitution Arrest In California?

Okabe & Haushalter Jul 20, 2018 Sex Crimes

Being arrested for soliciting a prostitute or prostitution in California can be a very embarrassing experience. For many of those caught soliciting a prostitute or engaging in sexual activity for payment, an arrest may seem like the end of their career and even life.

Those charged with solicitation or prostitution have many concerns after their release from police custody. And today, our Los Angeles sex crimes defense attorney at the Okabe & Haushalter law firm will do his best to answer these questions.

For example, if you have been charged with solicitation or prostitution for the first time, you probably want to know whether the details of your arrest and charges will become public record. Let’s find out.

Solicitation and prostitution charges are not the end of the world

It is true that if you are convicted of solicitation or prostitution, your career and future as a whole may be negatively impacted, which is why the importance of seeking legal help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California cannot be ignored.

“Yes, it may be difficult to look your family in the eye, it may be frightening to think even for a second that your future employment prospects could be negatively impacted by the solicitation or prostitution charges, but trust me, there may be a way out,” says our criminal defense attorney.

What happens after the arrest?

Whether you were caught through an online undercover operation on social media, Craigslist or Backpage or arrested during a sting operation conducted by undercover police officers, do know that after the arrest, you will have to go through the booking procedure.

Police will then question you at a police station in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California. Afterward, you will be released with a citation. In solicitation and prostitution cases, bail is rarely required. Also, you will be served a notice to appear in court. And that is when things get real. You have no time to waste, you NEED to speak to a criminal defense attorney.

Failure to appear in court for your hearing will lead to a bench warrant issued by the judge. We advise you against speaking to law enforcement and defectives if your lawyer is not present. Regardless of how you were “caught,” the investigation by the police is usually biased.

How to preserve your privacy after a solicitation and prostitution arrest?

While you do have a right to keep your solicitation or prostitution arrest in secret and prevent your family members and friends from finding out about the conviction, there is unfortunately no way to make your prior convictions private once you have been convicted. Your arrest and conviction immediately become public record, which means your existing or prospective employer may find out about it through a background check.

Therefore, the best way to preserve your privacy after you have been convicted of solicitation or prostitution is to prepare for your court hearing, hire a Los Angeles sex crime defense attorney, and do whatever it takes to obtain a reduction of charges or even dismissal of the charges altogether.

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