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What Are The Benefits And Cost Of Hiring A Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorney?

Okabe & Haushalter Nov 17, 2018 DUI

On average, DUI defense attorneys in Los Angeles charge $1,900, while other costs for DUI average $4,600. The average duration of the DUI process, meanwhile, is six months from arrest to resolution.

As you may have heard from stories of your relatives or friends, representing yourself when facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in California almost never ends well. That’s why hiring a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney from Okabe & Haushalter is highly advised to ensure that you will be able to avoid legal penalties and a possible prison sentence for DUI.

But are there any benefits of hiring an experienced DUI defense lawyer? How does having a DUI attorney by your side affect the likely outcome? And what is the cost of being represented by a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California?

The benefits of hiring a private DUI lawyer in California

Surveys show that the likelihood of being convicted – whether by a plea or conviction after trial – is the lowest for defendants who hired private lawyers in California. Those who chose not to hire a lawyer or are represented by public defendants have a higher likelihood of being convicted of DUI in California.

Also, surveys show that those who choose to hire private DUI attorneys in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California are more likely to be acquitted after a trial or get DUI charges against them dismissed or never filed.

Thus, being represented by an experienced private DUI defense attorney in Los Angeles results in a lower likelihood of DUI convictions and higher rates of plea bargains for lesser offenses.

For the sake of comparison, let’s examine the percentage of defendants who are able to plea bargain for lesser offenses. A whopping more than 22 percent of those who are represented by private DUI attorneys end up with lesser, non-DUI offenses. On the other hand, only about seven percent of those who choose to be represented by public defenders get a favorable plea bargain. And zero percent of defendants who choose not to be represented by DUI lawyers come to a favorable plea agreement.

Is hiring a Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer worth it?

Those facing DUI charges with enough funds and resources to afford a private DUI lawyer should not think twice when choosing to hire a private attorney. Low-income defendants, on the other hand, often think that since private DUI lawyers are so expensive and unaffordable in California, they have no choice but to be represented by a public defender or not to be represented at all.

But when you consider the risks associated with a DUI conviction, it might be worth scrounging up enough money to afford a private lawyer rather than to pinch and scrape and put your life at risk by hiring a public defender or not being represented by an attorney at all.

In fact, paying for a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney might be the cheapest option when you consider that entering into a plea agreement or getting DUI charges dismissed or dropped means that you will not have to pay fines, court fees, and increased insurance rates (typically, DUI convictions result in higher insurance rates). In addition to that, if your DUI conviction leads to imprisonment, you will lose income and will have a hard time applying for jobs and renting property in California.

Let our experienced DUI defense lawyers at Okabe & Haushalter help you determine the best option in your particular case. Is legal representation by a DUI defense lawyer really worth it in your case? Find out today by scheduling a free consultation. Call at 310-430-7799 for a free case evaluation.