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Labor Day Party Bust: DUI Crack Down

Okabe & Haushalter Dec 15, 2018 DUI

Everyone loves to party, especially around holidays. From New Years to Christmas, America has some major holidays worth celebrating. We even celebrate holidays that aren’t our own like Cinco de Mayo or Oktoberfest! This is pure speculation, but it is no surprise that the holidays we have adopted are those that revolved around liquor or beer. America is a drinking country. We love our beer and we love our spirits. Since 2006 alcohol sales have increased steadily over time. In 2017 total sales for alcoholic beverages landed around $234.4 billion. That is a crazy amount of money given to an industry that keeps pumping out commercials and products. The alcohol industry is booming and there aren’t any signs of stopping. In 2016, in the first quarter, it was recorded that alcohol companies spent $421 million on advertising. Very rarely can you go through a movie or tv show without some alcohol commercial intervening.

So what? This isn’t against the law. This is capitalism at its best. Alcohol companies should advertise and they should be able to sell however much they want without judgment. This is true, but what else is true is that when you consume alcohol irresponsible you are more likely to do things that you wouldn’t normally do while sober. Or you end up performing worse on certain activities than if you would while sober. The alcohol companies can’t take responsibility for your actions. They are not forcing you to drink excessively or irresponsibly. They just want you to choose their product if you are going to drink or choose to throw a party. So what happens when you decide to drink and then drive?

This past labor day, police in California decided to up their game and pull over drivers who are under the influence. In doing so they arrested over 1000 people. The way in which they arrest people is not necessarily evidenced that they were driving recklessly. For example, police will look for normal traffic violations like speeding, improper lane changes, missing tail lights or forgetting to turn on your front lights. These are easy reasons to pull someone over and see if they are sober or driving drunk. Some would think that there is nothing wrong with ensuring that our roadways are safe by focusing on these little details, but it can also be a violation of your rights. Our Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter are here to ensure that your arrest was due to probable cause. We are not attorneys who will tell you to drive drunk. We are not here to ensure that “bad” people get off without any consequences. We believe that sometimes good people make bad mistakes because we are all human. We support our law enforcement, but we also support civilian’s rights. By having us by your side we can help you reduce the consequences of your case or get the charges dropped by investigating the procedures enacted by law enforcement.

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