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Sex Crime Trials Does Not Make You A Criminal

Okabe & Haushalter Dec 20, 2018 Sex Crimes

Modern-day #MeToo movement has really pushed the American people to reconsider what it means to be harassed and genders treat each other. Some think the movement is a blessing as it is bringing to light the true harassment most women deal with on a daily basis. Some think that the movement has gone too far.

When Judge Kavanaugh was at his hearing that was to discuss the situation, it was not a criminal trial, we were able to see insight into a messy story between the accuser and the accused. In his speech to government officials and the public, Judge Kavanaugh claimed that he drank beers along with others who drank beers when he was a youth. This is a very common behavior and should not seem out of the ordinary, even though it may be heavily frowned upon. He stated that “ If every American who drinks beer or every American who drank beer in high school is suddenly presumed guilty of sexual assault, will be an ugly, new place in this country.” What Kavanaugh is commenting on, whether intentional or not, is the pervasive nature of sexual misconduct alongside partying habits. The #MeToo movement is accelerating conversations around what does and does not constitute sexual harassment. Judge Kavanaugh’s words prove to us that alcohol intoxication and sexual misconduct do go hand in hand, but that does not make it acceptable or excusable. However, it does make for a messy story.

Our Los Angeles sex crime defense attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter understand that when it comes to sexual crimes, reputation is the first to go. Since Okabe & Haushalter serve the Los Angeles area, we are accustomed to dealing with high profile clients whose reputation is not only part of their identity but motivates their business. We are not here to judge you. Instead, we are here to listen to your story and work with your story to ensure that you have the best defense. We know that sometimes good people make some really bad choices, but that does not constitute a consequence that follows them for the rest of their lives.

By reaching out to our Sex Crime Defense Attorneys, you can expect to get expert advice and counseling on the best route for your situation. We promise to use all our resources and knowledge to ensure that every piece of your situation was treated in a way that is within your rights. We promise to never assume guilt and always work with you one on one to ensure that you feel supported. We also promise free no risk case evaluations. We do this because we understand the emotional exhaustion of being accused. Our Sex Crime Defense Attorneys are aggressive and thorough. Let us do the stressful work for you so that you can concentrate on maintaining a normal lifestyle. Call 310-430-7799 or click here to start your free consultation with us today. We are on your side.