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What To Know About Weapons Charge

Okabe & Haushalter May 16, 2019 Weapons Charge

You have the constitutional right to own a gun. No one can take that away from you. However, state and federal legislation can make it harder for you to own one. Sometimes the laws change, and you aren’t even aware of the changes. Our San Francisco Weapons Charge Attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter work with clients who were arrested for weapons charges. Weapons charges range in a penalty from a misdemeanor to felony charges. If you or someone you love is dealing with weapons charges, you need legal assistance, and our San Francisco weapons charge attorneys are here to help.

8 Causes of Weapons Charges

People have the right to own a gun, but they also share the same responsibility in keeping it out of harm from others. Owning a gun comes with great responsibility. Here are the eight causes for weapons charges:

  1. Carrying a concealed firearm
  2. Selling or distributing firearms
  3. Improper handling of a firearm in a car
  4. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
  5. Aggravated assault with a gun
  6. Using a gun in the commission of a crime
  7. Discharging a firearm during the commission of a crime
  8. Shooting into a building that is occupied

Each situation can present unique circumstances. Anytime a firearm is involved it does complicate a story. However, it is our job to see through the complication. It is our job to ensure that you are treated fairly for the entirety of the investigation and the trial if there is one.

Weapons charges can be as low as a misdemeanor which translates to a small fine and jail time. However, you can pay more in fines to avoid jail time if you have the financial ability to do so. Felony charges result in more severe punishment with higher fines and longer prison time. Weapons charges can add unnecessary penalties and prison time in more complicated cases. Part of starting defense is negotiating the alleviation of weak link charges. Our San Francisco Weapons Charge Attorneys will use our power of persuasion to alleviate any unnecessary charges.

Weapons Charges Plus Others

Typically, weapons charges are in addition to other charges such as drug or assault charges. For example, a man and his passenger were pulled over for a traffic violation around 1 AM. The police searched the car and found drugs and a loaded gun. The driver was arrested for possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia as well as weapons charges. The passenger has also arrested for possession of drugs as well as a warrant for her arrest.

Whether your weapons charge is an isolated event or in conjunction with other charges, you need a strong advocate by your side to bully the bullies. Many will make you feel as if you are guilty even before your investigation even starts. We won’t let those microaggressions get the best of you. You are innocent until proven guilty. With us by your side, you are committing to a team that is committed to having your back. Call 310-430-7799 or click here to speak with our professional staff at Okabe & Haushalter today.