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Possible Jail Time For Embezzlement

Okabe & Haushalter May 11, 2019 White Collar Crimes

Communication is vital in running a successful business. Transparency is also important. Sometimes communication and transparency aren’t always a strong suit for people in official roles like CEO or upper management. Our Beverly Hills white collar crime defense attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter have a successful record of working with clients who are charged with white collar crimes. It is our job as your attorneys to fight for your freedom. Often prosecutors will dig up everything they can to throw at our clients. Given the nature of white collar crimes, many who are convicted are seen as guilty from the start. We believe that our clients are innocent until proven guilty. We believe that you deserve fair trails and accurate representation of your character. We are here to tell the truth to you.

Pleading No Contest

In the case of Adam Reed Zucker of Beverly Hills, he was an executive for a wall art company. He was charged with 35 felony charges including grand theft by embezzlement and money laundering. Zucker was also the CEO of a company PlantLab which is a global network of culinary schools. Zucker did one of two things. First, he falsified contracts for the wall art company. The wall art company “paid” for these contracts when they either didn’t exist, or the logos were already in the public domain, and a contract was not needed. All in all the art company paid Zucker $2.4 million for contracts.

Second, Zucker set up PlantLab seminars and classes. However, when the students arrived on various campuses, they discovered the classes had been canceled, employees were not paid, and no one could get a hold of Zucker. People lost thousands of dollars. The time in which Zucker was “missing,” he was arrested. Zucker states that he was dealing with a catastrophic event with his family. He says that he was doing what he can to set everything straight for the clients. Zucker pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 14 years for embezzling.

What We Can Do For You

Zucker’s story is a warning. He didn’t plead guilty, and he still had to do some time. If you are going to play hard with your business, you better protect yourself along the way. Having strong advocates by your side is the difference between paying a fine for lack of transparency or facing jail time.

Our Beverly Hills White Collar Crime Attorneys have years of experience working with people who are under investigation. Don’t stress just yet. With us, by your side, we will follow the investigation carefully and aggressively. We understand that business is as much about building relationships as it is about maintaining your reputation. Our Beverly Hills White Collar Crime Attorneys work with high and low profile business, and we keep their reputation clear. If you are dealing with white collar crime charges, seeking legal assistance is a must. Call 310-430-7799 or click here to speak with our professional staff at Okabe & Haushalter in Beverly Hills today. We are ready to fight for you.