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Defenses for Child Pornography

Okabe & Haushalter May 10, 2019 Child Pornography

Skirting the line between lawful and unlawful almost always ends with bad news. However, these blurred lines can help you better defend your case. When people read headlines about people busted for child pornography, readers already assume the worst of the person or people getting arrested. Our Los Angeles child pornography defense attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter aren’t quick to judge a story by its title alone. We believe that everyone has a story that needs to be told. We also believe that as good as police in protecting society, they are not without error. If you or someone you love is charged with possession of child pornography, you need a professional to conduct his or her investigation alongside the authorities. You never know what you are going to find or not find.

LAPD Officers Situation

Retired Police Officer, Clark Warren Baker, was arrested six months after police raided his home and discovered an external hard drive. After looking into the hard driver, authorities found the hard drive was full of child pornography. Baker was with the Los Angeles Police force for 20 years. Within his 20 years of service, he received one guilty charge for beating up an El Salvadoran immigrant while on duty. However, that charge was then overturned after an appeal. Which begs the question: if he was falsely charged before, what is the likely hood that it is happening again?

Types of Defenses

If Baker is convicted, he could face up to 3 years in state prison at the ripe age of 61. Our Los Angeles child pornography defense attorneys have represented clients just like Baker. We have seen the devastating effects charges like this has on a person’s life and his or her family. Baker is pleading not guilty. Here are some defensive techniques available to him:

  • A defendant can prove that the pictures were for purposes justice
  • A defendant can prove that the photos were for educational purposes
  • A defendant can prove that the images were for medicine or science purposes
  • A defendant can prove that they used specific precautionary steps to avoid downloading sexual pictures of victims under 18

These are just some strategies. Proving innocence in a child pornography case can happen, and it does happen. Our child pornography defense lawyers in Los Angeles have years of experience and skill to use in the courtroom. Our presence is known in the Los Angeles area, and we keep our reputation as being the best criminal defense attorneys in the state.

What We Can Do

If you or someone you love is charged with possession of child pornography, you need to seek legal assistance immediately. Criminal charges do not get better over time or with passive representation. We are ready to protect your rights and reputation. From high to low profile cases, our child pornography defense attorneys know how to handle the emotional roller coaster of these charges. You are in good hands with professionals at our firm. Call 310-430-7799 or click here to speak with our professional staff at Okabe & Haushalter in Los Angeles today.