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Norwegian Billionaire Fined $30K For DUI

Okabe & Haushalter Nov 17, 2017 DUI

It has been said that crime does not pay. This is particularly true for Katharena G. Andressen. The 22-year-old student is considered Norway’s richest woman and the second youngest billionaire in the world with a net worth of $1.23 billion. But when it comes to DUI, Norway’s legal justice system spares little mercy. DUI fines in Norway are based on the defendant’s income. The Oslo city court determined Andressen will have to pay a fine of $30,000. According to the court, the fine could have been much worse. Based on her assets, Andressen would have been forced to pay a mind boggling $4.9 million. Fortunately for her assets have not yielded any dividends and she has no fixed income.

The Consequences of DUI in Foreign Countries

Andressen’s blood alcohol level was .06, which is not legally drunk in most American states. However, it was three times the legal limit in Norway. The Scandinavian country’s DUI laws are arguable among the strictest in the world. In addition to her monumental fine, Andressen is banned from driving for 13 months.

Why You Need a High-End International Criminal Defense Attorney

Many of the laws we take for granted in the United States do not always apply in other countries. While it may be okay to drive after a drink or two in America, those same habits can get you into big trouble abroad. If you travel to a foreign country and are not familiar with their laws and customs, you better have a legal professional that can protect your rights.

International criminal defense does not come cheap. To get quality legal advice, you will have to pay top dollar. There is a reason. Most American attorneys do not properly understand international law. Knowing your rights and having an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional in your corner is essential to resolve your problems and to go on with your life.

In some countries, the rights of the accused are sometimes completely ignored. What may be an innocent night out with friends in the United States can quickly turn into a nightmare in another country. Some of the most common reasons to hire an international criminal defense attorney include:

  • International drug trafficking
  • Foreigner arrest
  • Foreign Corruption Practices Act
  • International bank fraud
  • International money laundering
  • International extradition

In the United States, failure to understand your rights can often make the difference between resolving your legal problems or spending significant time behind bars. It is even more country when you are in a foreign country.

Have You Been Arrested in a Foreign Country? The International Criminal Defense Attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter Can Help

Getting arrested can be a scary experience. But when it happens on foreign soil, it can get even more traumatic. In addition to language barriers and understanding customs, there is the scary reality of dealing with a justice system that nothing remotely similar to those found in the United States. The international criminal defense attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter understand the challenges and obstacles their clients face. They offer high-end legal representation for some of the most complex international criminal cases. To learn more, contact their law office in Los Angeles and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.