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Palo Alto Child Molestation Attorney

Persons accused of engaging in illicit sexual acts with minor children face an uphill battle should they fight their charges alone. One of the more serious sexual crimes in today’s society, child molestation carries a wide range of penalties which include lengthy imprisonment. If you’ve been shortlisted as a suspect in connection with child molestation allegations, Okabe & Haushalter advises against saying anything without counsel.

With an experienced child molestation attorney present during questioning, suspects who could’ve been coerced into implicating themselves will have someone intelligent standing by their side, advising what questions can be safely answered and which to remain silent on.

As with any allegations, charges or suspected involvement in sex crimes, you’re innocent until enough evidence is presented to successfully convince juries or judges otherwise.

Understanding child molestation charges in California

According to the California Penal Code, lascivious acts with children under 14 aren’t limited to actual sex. Inappropriate touching, forceful fondling, and similar acts fall under child molestation, too. Depending on what level of molestation you’re found guilty of, courts have broad powers in terms of sentencing.

If you’re found guilty of lewd acts with children 14-15 years old, the maximum sentence is one year in county jail, unless there’s a greater than 10-year age gap between victim and perpetrator, which would then increase the sentence to three (3) years maximum in prison. It’s probably best if you’ve been accused of this level of sexual assault that your Palo Alto child molestation attorney work on your case.

Molesting or annoying children is a more serious offense in California. This accusation means prosecution believes you made unwarranted advances, or have an unhealthy sexual interest toward children under 18. Convictions of sexual annoyance or molesting at this level carry three years maximum in state prison.

Having sexual intercourse with minors under 10 carries the stiffest penalties. If found guilty of engaging these younger children in forcible sex, one faces maximum imprisonment of life without parole.

All sexual crimes, even those pled down to lesser offenses, carry a mandatory punishment of registration on local and national sexual offender registries, which could cost individuals relationships, employment opportunities, and perhaps lifelong bullying by those who dislike such activities. It’s imperative that prosecution provides overwhelming evidence of your guilt, which is why accused persons hire Okabe & Haushalter when their lives could be upended by wrongful adjudication.

We defend those accused of child sex crimes

As your Palo Alto child molestation attorney, our firm believes in freeing innocent persons. Many cases have come across California courts where children were coerced by ex-spouses to make accusations to punish parents for whatever reason. Law enforcement may ‘pin’ charges on persons they believe could have done the crime, but don’t feel like interviewing people all day.

Child molesting is serious. If you’ve been accused, informed you’re a suspect or believe you’ve been falsely arrested for this crime, Okabe & Haushalter wants to defend you. Our team has decades of cumulative courtroom experience that could lessen charges, or get them dismissed altogether.