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In California, sexual intercourse becomes rape when one party doesn’t consent to intimacy. Whether it’s child rape, spousal rape or anything between, criminal rape is punishable by as little as probation or as strong as life in prison without parole. Allegations of rape are as equally serious as being charged, make no mistake. With Okabe & Haushalter putting an experienced rape defense attorney on your case, you’re guaranteed a fighting chance in court.

Once convicted on rape charges, guilty parties have their lives changed forever. Should innocent people fight these charges alone, the chances prosecutors will secure a conviction increase tenfold as opposed to having counsel by their side. Our firm works to throw out frivolous charges and fights those which lack evidence or substantiation of any kind.

How rape is prosecuted in California

Evidence that one person forcibly penetrated another person in a manner that violates the California Penal Code must exist before prosecutors can successfully obtain a guilty verdict in rape cases. The first part of that evidence will probably include test results produced from a rape kit performed at the hospital. If no tests were administered, it’ll be tough for hearsay alone to convict those accused of raping another.

Witness testimony is another strong piece of prosecutorial evidence that could strengthen their case. However, eyewitness accounts must be accurate. Our Palo Alto rape defense attorney will cross-examine these witnesses to make sure their account can be corroborated. Even with strong witness testimony, without physical evidence, it’s pretty difficult to secure rape convictions.

Considering the breadth of knowledge our firm has in courtroom defense and litigation, persons that didn’t answer detective questions and followed simple rules of engagement when dealing with law enforcement are better positioned to walk away with much less than if they incriminated themselves. Remember, procedural errors like failing to have your rights read can throw cases out.

When good people are accused of heinous crimes, Okabe & Haushalter is there to help defend their innocence. Should evidence seem to point toward an obvious conviction, our firm will work to secure the best possible plea deal based on past records and presumptive penalties for rape in California. The outcomes have been tragic for those fighting cases without counsel, including harsher sentences.

For strong rape defense, contact us today

California is one of the toughest states on rape, with even first-time offenders seeing extended prison sentences. But also remember that your constitutional rights aren’t destroyed when accused of any crime, meaning you are afforded certain liberties before, during and after questioning, and must be read your right to remain silent in your native tongue.

Okabe & Haushalter is preferred by families and defendants who need the educated representation of a Palo Alto rape defense attorney. Rape, in all forms, is frowned up in California and prosecutors are burdened with proving beyond a reasonable doubt that persons accused of this criminal act were indeed the ones at fault.

Before answering rape questions and potentially incriminating yourself before hiring counsel, stay silent and hire our firm to defend you.