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Palo Alto Federal Sex Crimes Attorney

Some sexual acts are serious enough to involve our federal government, even though states could also bring charges of their own. The leading federal charge, human trafficking, carries stiff penalties that may include mandatory life in prison if death occurred during the commission of trafficking. Individuals who’ve been identified as suspects should phone an experienced federal sex crime attorney.

Understanding these crimes carry potentially long prison sentences if one gets convicted, Okabe & Haushalter works diligently on every aspect of federal sex crimes to assure accused persons have the best possible chance of avoiding long prison terms. While outcomes cannot be guaranteed, many past clients will testify that our team has worked numerous federal cases that ended favorably for clients.

If you’re currently being sought for questioning in any federal sex crime, remain silent until you’ve spoken with our team.

How federal sex crimes differ from state crimes

Rape, child molestation and similar offenses could easily be tried at either federal or state level. Although federal prosecutors have broader powers than states, most crimes will be left for state prosecutors unless state lines were crossed. For example, sex slaves brought from Mexico then driven to California would be considered federal.

At present, Federal charges tried in Federal courts have extremely high conviction rates. That’s why those accused of serious sex crimes, such as traveling to other countries to engage minors in sexual acts or selling children as sex slaves across state lines, must have an extremely talented Palo Alto federal sex crime attorney working their case. There are many ways to get charges tossed, but attempting this without competent counsel could render those efforts moot.

Apart from stiff prison sentences, Federal prosecutors will force those convicted to register on state and federal sex offender registries, which may cause individuals undue hardship when looking for work, housing, benefits and even life mates. If you believe you’re innocent of these charges, Okabe & Haushalter encourages you to not answer questions without an attorney present.

Our firm is masterful at suppressing evidence that was obtained through coercion or other illegal methods. This could include recorded confessions where one was bullied into incriminating themselves. Notwithstanding, persons accused of federal sex crimes have the constitutional right to face their accuser. If the case is circumstantial and lacks credible witnesses or victims, chances are strong cases can be dismissed.

Our firm is experienced in federal sex cases

Whether it’s sex trafficking, multistate prostitution ring or another form of a serious sex crime, you’re entitled to competent representation throughout questioning, trial and even appeal process. With lives on the line and families fearing for their accused loved one’s life, Okabe & Haushalter works tough cases that may seem impossible to fight. Federal prosecutors are tough, which means rookie law firms may not last.

Contact our Palo Alto federal sex crimes attorney today. We begin working on cases immediately, including bond hearings and getting discoveries from prosecution. While no attorney can promise outcomes, our firm will guarantee a 110% effort in defending your federal sex case.