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Palo Alto Sex Crimes Attorney

Have you or your incarcerated loved one been accused of sexual misconduct, rape, child pornography, child exploitation or similar sex crimes in California? In recent years, judges and prosecutors have grown increasingly tough on these charges, often time setting astronomical bails that can compound with each charge. In fact, million-dollar bails aren’t completely abnormal in higher-profile criminal sex cases.

Because many people accused of crimes fear for their lives, Okabe & Haushalter take the time to consult with each person accused of sex crimes. We’ll assign each defendant an incredibly educated sex crime attorney knowledgeable in all facets of criminal law, and they’ll discuss minimum, presumptive and maximum sentences for whatever crime you’re being accused of.

Most sex crimes in this state require those convicted to register as sex offenders, although some exceptions are made when physical contact didn’t actually take place, or when other conditions exist.

Don’t let police coerce confessions out of you

Some sex crimes have no concrete suspects, but several possibilities. Rather than police spending hours interrogating numerous people, they’ll attempt to coerce or scare people into confessing. When people have never been interrogated, it’s intimidating to deal with detectives trained in various tactics to suck confessions out of people. Once you’ve confessed, reversing your fate is difficult.

If the police have requested you visit their station for questioning, phone our Palo Alto sex crimes attorney first. Having them join you in questioning will prevent undue stress, and also avoid being trapped into confessing to crimes you didn’t commit. Should you indicate to us you’re guilty as charged, you can refuse to question, and we’ll work on getting reasonable bail set should you get arrested.

Because attorneys are educated and have access to more resources than those with little knowledge of criminal procedures, defending yourself without counsel could put your case in jeopardy of being given the maximum sentence under California law. Prosecutors treat pro se defendants rather poorly, although many don’t realize it’s happening.

Retaining the legal defense offered by Okabe & Haushalter makes sound financial sense, especially when your future has so many uncertainties.

Our firm defends all sex crime cases

We offer an environment that’s comfortable, non-judgmental, and full of hope for those accused of sexually motivated crimes. Your Palo Alto sex crimes attorney will go over facts surrounding your case, what potential penalties you’ll face, and do their best to move cases out as far as possible to allow you to get affairs in order should an extended prison term be imminent.

Sex crimes could have political implications, too, if judges are up for reelection. It’s not uncommon for stiffer sentences to get handed down simply to garner more votes. This is where our firm excels because we’re able to keep cases fair for everyone, and even ask judges to recuse themselves if it’s perceived defendants won’t be afforded fair trials due to impending election.

When you’ve been accused of any major or minor sex crimes in California, you deserve the unparalleled level of defense that Okabe & Haushalter offer.