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Palo Alto Internet Sex Crime Attorney

As the internet continually evolves, the way individuals connect with people across America evolves with it. This may mean single people engage other singles in hopes to form a relationship. But, unfortunately, some individuals find themselves under investigation for what may be perceived as sex crimes. Investigated by both state and federal government agencies, internet sex crimes are serious.

Representation by an internet sex crime attorney from Okabe & Haushalter could mean the difference between an unnecessary jail term, and complete exoneration from crimes defendants are being accused of.

Individuals suspected of internet sex crimes in California are encouraged to invoke their Fifth Amendment rights, then hire competent counsel before law enforcement entraps defendants or forces them into incriminating themselves.

Defining Internet Sex Crimes

There are numerous categories of sexual crimes committed via the internet. According to California and federal laws, the following types of online activity are considered illegal and punishable if convicted:

  • Cyberstalking: Individuals of adult age may follow minors in chat forums or other social mediums to coerce them into sexual activity, including exchanging pictures or paying for sexual favors.
  • Solicitation of a minor: This involves seducing minors into performing acts of sex in exchange for payment.
  • Online assault: Similar to being assaulted in person, online assault involves threatening anyone of any age if sexual favors are not granted.
  • Exploitation: Using various social mediums, individuals may engage younger children in relationships they intend to take offline.

These are just some categories of internet sex crimes which individuals may be wrongly accused of, or may need a criminal defense to lessen the impact of sentencing. Remember, your considered innocent until otherwise proven guilty by overwhelming evidence, and you do not have to speak to investigators without your Palo Alto internet sex crime attorney present.

Under Investigation? Call Our Team.

Usually, months, even years, of investigation are conducted before state or federal prosecutors proffer charges. Being under investigation could mean innocent people lose their jobs, their families and possibly their freedom. Once an arrest has been made in an internet sex crime case, you’re afforded constitutional rights which include the right to fast and speedy trial, right to face your accuser and the right to defend yourself against charges.

Because sentencing can range from probation to life in prison, it’s important your defense team understands internet laws and how they can sometimes be misinterpreted. Any conviction for a sex crime in California, especially against minors, forces defendants to register as a sex offender for life.

Okabe & Haushalter are powerful defense attorneys with an understanding of internet sex crime laws. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. This innocence may include having purchased a used computer with images of children on the hard drive without your knowledge or having chatlogs in the computer’s cache belonging to the prior owner.

If you’re currently under investigation, or your incarcerated loved one is looking for a competent defense team willing to fight for someone accused of sex crimes, contact our Palo Alto internet sex crime attorney today.