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Palo Alto Sexual Assault Attorney

Californians accused of sexually assaulting individuals at varying degrees of seriousness shouldn’t automatically assume these accusations are guaranteed to turn into convictions. In fact, it’s easy for individuals with vendettas against others to make false accusations substantiated by friends, siblings or coworkers. Although these crimes aren’t OK, it’s the duty of Okabe & Haushalter to vindicate those wrongfully judged or arrested for assaults that never happened.

Apart from complete exoneration, our sexual assault attorney works to negotiate plea deals if guilt surpasses reasonable doubt. Depending on circumstances surrounding the case, registering as a sex offender could forego if prosecutors agree to it.

Police, detectives, even federal agents must abide by constitutional laws which include mirandizing arrests and allowing counsel to be present at questioning. Should any rights be jeopardized, an entire case could be dismissed regardless of how much evidence exists.

How California defines ‘sexual assault’

The unwelcome fondling of one’s intimate parts, such as the breasts, buttocks, and sexual organs, is considered sexual assault in California. Otherwise known as sexual battery, assaulting areas covered by clothing in a manner to obtain personal gratification is punishable by felony or misdemeanor, depending on the frequency and severity of instances. Your Palo Alto sexual assault attorney will fight charges, of course, regardless of severity.

As with most sexually motivated crimes, the prosecution must prove their case beyond doubt to secure a conviction against the accused. Weak cases are either tossed or pled down to lesser charges, while stronger cases often find their way to juries.

Defendants willing to retain higher quality representation often choose Okabe & Haushalter because the level of experience they receive exceeds industry standards of criminal defense. If you’re facing an impending arrest, have been notified not to leave the city due to potential questioning of sexual assault accusations or have been arrested and posted bail, our firm can assist in lessening the blow.

Mere accusations of sexual assault could end one’s work and family life, which strengthens your need for competent counsel. Without an efficient Palo Alto sexual assault attorney working your case and getting every piece of evidence cross-examined, individuals charged with sexual crimes could lead to much higher charges than what an expert defense team could get.

Put our experience to work for you

Understanding what you’re up against, including the range of penalties which judges may impose on you if convicted should be motivation enough to forego public defenders who often handle thousands of cases each month, and hire our firm. You’re not only investing in your freedom, but you’re also proving to yourself and family you’re serious about having your case fairly adjudicated.

Remember, sexual assault takes many forms in California. As such, you’re entitled to effective counsel that works your case in its entirety instead of concentrating solely on plea bargaining. Our work is never complete until we’ve exhausted every possible remedy applicable to your case.

Before answering questions or implicating yourself in crimes that you didn’t do, contact our Palo Alto sexual assault attorney because your freedom is worth every penny you can invest in quality representation.